9 vis signs

Imberto Eco-
Interested in the relationship between the author of art and the reader.

What the author intends and the reader percieves can and often are completly different due to the persons life experiences

There is a distinct difference between Communicative value and information. If something is already known. But the fact is repeated by one and heard by the other. Comminicatively it’s a high enoguh transfer. But Informationally- nothing has been passed.



Visible signs- chapter 4

Digital codes vs. analoge codes

Goes over basic rules of advertising

-interest… value to the reader

-FREE! precise


All utilized in order to captivate the reader


-Linguistic messages, text itself- slogan or caption

Coded Iconic message, symbolic message (bowl of fruit)

NOn Coded iconic message, reades the medium as itself


The linguistic is obviously set apart from the other two in the since that it is text rather then pure image.

anchorage- dictates the beholder throguht a number of possible readings of an image

Relay- less common advances the reading of the images by supplying meanings which are not found in the images.


Douglas has the idea that dirt is the bi product of the system that created it- ok

SO where there is dirt there is a system- eh

SO by looking at the dirt we can understand the system– ook

Study of dirt is a symniotic study

Disorder is a symbol of both change and power


NONE of this is surprising- often what is powerful is dangerous. ANY man with power is dangerous any machine drug weapon… all dangerous when given power.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be considered powerful. at least in relation to somethings. Plus there are systems to everything- every aspect of life- so it stands to reason that you could find waste as a biproduct- as everyting produces waste of some sort. WE ALL DIE

Transient Cultural Objecs- which have a finite lifespan and their economic value decreases overtime’

Durable Culutarl Objects- value is maintained or increases overtime

Rubbish- NO value

Art has the unique ablility to make the rubbish of the world into priceless pieces of art.
I am reminded of the man who took an old urinal- turned it upside down- signed it and sold it to an art gallery as modern art- Easiest way to tell if it’s art- NO ONE HAS DONE IT BEFORE

i hope he cleaned it.

7 Visible signs

Willis makes assumptions about “young people” this book seems to insist on making a clear seperation between young and old.

Streses the necessity of “symbolic work”


The application of human capapcities to and through, on and with, symoblic resources and raw materials (collections of signs and symbols- for instance the language as we inherit it, textx, images, films, songs, artifacts to produce meaning)

Willis seems to believe that youth/ the young don’t work in the old ways. It was hard to understand or maybe I am just stupic but i believe he thinks we have a facination with liesure and are unable to grow through work the way past generations did.

6 visible signs


I don’t know who Mike Brake is but he doesn’t seem to hold a high idea of my generation.

The graffiti section was of particular interest to me.

The fact that this person is going out and defining the slang terms such as RACKING UP or BOMB are just an insult to the trade.

To me- yes, it’s art. but half of it’s glory is in it’s undefinable unoffical nature- it’s the nature of the beast.

This chapter studies the motication of graffiti artist as well as their styles. My problem is with how removed the author sounds.


Digital Art Chapter 3

themes in digital art

Artifical Life- intel…

Karl sims instillations genetic images and galapagos (named for darwin’s theory) A digital study of the evolutionary process.

This is a extreamly interesting idea I think it’s great as long as it is acknowledged that it is more art then science.


All this articicial life experimention is ver interesting

I love the impermanence agent- the idea takes an annoying thing and turns it into a comical lighthearted game almost- great idea.


The telecom garden was facinating- I only wished I could have seen how large it was exactly. Are there any controls on how much is added or how much water used in one period of time?

Though- I think the man that inserted the micro chip into his ankle and registered himself on a pet web registry site is a doof- This seems (only to me) to be more of a jackass stunt rather than art- perhaps I fail to see the “essence” of it. But it just seemed like something that maybe you go huh to- not something that would make me sit and think. I understand the “OOHHH ORWELL” i too read 1984- and loved it- but this man is not doing it because he is a criminal and is being forced. He’s a guy who thought hey that sounds like itd get attention. There is no real message to it. And that is all it was floating on to begin with.

The letter rain was an awsome idea though.

Balances- free culture

as i have said before- Out of the books I can honestly say i like this one the best.

Eldred- created a collection of poems after they came into the public domain.

(sonny bono copyright Term extention act)

robert frost estate was able to continue the copyright on Robert frosts poems years after they ought to have passes into public domain.

It used to be expensive to copy film- 10.000.00 now it cost less then 100 to digitize a copy

Aggee argued that the sonny bono act would destroy a whole generation of film.

Eldred’s lawsuit did not pass- the press feedback was considerable thought- but as for the law- nothing changed

Following this came the Eldred II- a proposition for how things could be worked out- through a small fee that would be paid by the copy right holder in able to assure the copy right could be extended for a small amount of time- this would also require the copy right to be registered in a system so that were somone to try to secure the right to use the item…  they would be able to find the person…



Chapter 2 Digital Art

Digital Technologies as a medium

Technologies develop faster then the language used to describe and define them.

Led- Lcd- liights used to make various art works

Back end information-
Front end information-

The forms

installation– video–film–internet art–animation–software art–virtual reality–musical environments

This was a lot of information-


I loved the light sculpture- the tee pee shape with lights. It is innovative- the idea of useing  light as a structure that one can built with and upon.


Visible signs chapter 5

Habitus- Bourdeu classified human endeavour- knowledge in terms of fields.

Proposition 227
english for children proposes only teaching children english unless a written request was submitted by the parents then they could be taught a second language-

This is crap- as someone who has taken many language courses in the time I have been in school— including Latin, Russian, German and Sign Language- I can promise that not only does learning another language better help one understand and correctly use their own language but it also builds an appreciation for other cultures

Later it also says “it is generally accepted that a designer works in a commercial area and artists make work which is issue based”
I concure.

I LOVE!!!!!! the

by order


Free culture Conclusions and afterward

Lawrence lessig provides a plan (that will probably never be utilized) for the problem that this country faces with patents and copyright law. He demostrates how often the problems we face have to do with petty people being greedy or vis versa.
The brits and brazillians have already begun to grow away from these problems. But Americans are stubborn and belligerent- my words not his-

We love a good fight and when that fight involves money– well watch out.

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